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Peak Driver Training was born out of our passion for our industry. We have been in the trucking scene for a long time and struggled at times to find the right drivers for our company. We noticed we often had to do a lot of training upfront with our drivers around the basics of trucking. We wanted to offer this to any driver looking to learn the trucking industry so we started our very own training program. It has been running internally for years but we thought even more soon-to-be drivers would want broader, more career based training so we started Peak.



Senior Instructor

Alan entered the trucking industry soon after retiring from the Canadian Navy. He loved the open road and so started driving just in BC and before long was trucking all over the country. He was lucky to be partnered up with an experienced driver. He was taught how to navigate through the mountains and much more. Being a quick study, he soon got his own truck, and that is how it all started. He steadily took on increasing complex loads hauling: refers, containers B trains, then on to Super B trains. Alan has even made an appearance on the History channels “Ice Road Truckers”. He has been teaching now since 2010 and just like his trucking career continues to grow quickly in training increasing complex roles and¬†maneuvers.

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Come learn the ropes through a blended learning curriculum.


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